How to get data from imp by desktop software?

I’m trying to create a desktop software that can get data of sensor(s) which is connected to an imp.
(I’d like to create software with openFrameworks or Processing…)

There are “http.onrequest” function and PHP based data I/O, but I couldn’t understand it well.
Does anybody know how to access to imp’s data directly from own desktop software?


If you don’t want want to use HTTP and a network connection, the next easiest way might be to set up a serial connection? I’ve done that with an Arduino and a custom Windows application built in Visual Studio, but not with the Electric Imp… and with serial, you need a wired connection… kind of the opposite of what you really want to do with an Imp. HTTP isn’t hard… there are lots of examples.

do you know about the Network library for the Processing language?

Thank you for your comment, jwehr.
I see. I’ll check and try it.

mjkuwp94, I did check the documentation, but one part makes me confusing…

I’d like to use default agent address (such as***) because I don’t have my own server.
When you setup a connection to any server, you should set a port number or a socket number, right?
In my case, what is the suitable number for port/socket configuration?

Thanks in advance,