How to customize a JSON and emit the "value" field in a HTTP request

To log my sensor data I am trying to use Sense OS. It only accepts a JSON post of the form:

“data”: [
“value”: 10,
“date”: 1353656777.123

However, using the HTTP request vimp (application/json) all my data ends up inside an extra “value” field. I tried changing my output to a string and a table ( but both result in something like:

body { “channel”: 1, “target”: “30c82807b644020e”, “value”: { “date”: 1353656832, “value”: 0.19658197462558746 } }


body { “channel”: 1, “target”: “30c82807b644020e”, “value”: “{‘data’: [{‘value’: 10,‘date’: 1353656777.123}]}” }

How can I work around the default “value” field and customize my JSON in the HTTP request? I’m curious about your ideas.

Thanks Jos, I did some debugging and asked a question myself at Sorry for the duplicate now!