How much data can the imp agent hold to pass on to a device

A hypothetical scenario. If i have an imp running a small piece of code with a delay in it, say, turn on a pin high, wait for 10 seconds, then turn pin off and sit idle. The action is initiated from user 1, via an app, press a button, imp reacts, delay,imp sits waiting for a repeat. If user 1, presses the button on the app during the 10 second delay, the agent queues the request. If a multiple number of users have acces to the same imp, each not knowing what others are doing,and press the button on their app, then the queue is going to grow, due to delay in the code. Is there a limit to the number of requests that can be held or queued, or a limit to the amount of data held at the agent. Is there a way the device can somehow poll the agent to see " how much data is being held" to be acted upon. thanks for any replies. TOM.

You shouldn’t be blocking anywhere (can you post your code?), but certainly you can queue requests in the agent (so each client gets serviced in turn).

As the agent by default has 1MB of memory, you can likely have tens of thousands of actions queued.

So you’re saying that it is important to know how many requests there were? And when you say “app”, do you mean a native app you’ve created, or a website app? You also probably know that the agent itself can host its own web page.