How do I get started?

I’m sitting with the IDE saying there is 1 “Unassigned device”. On the screen it says to “Click on a device to start editing”. I click on it and nothing happens. In the first demo, “Hello World”, it says “Log onto the IDE”, “Click on New Devices to open the Device Settings window.” Where is the “New Devices” drop down? What did I miss along the way?

My device is 234ec1eb6e4936ee.



Looks like our documentation feel ever so slightly out of date. “New Devices” has been renamed to “Unassigned Devices”

Click on the gear icon beside your deviceid to open the Device Settings Window.

I did that but it just has the name of my device and a field “Associated model”. I click on the pulldown which says “Select model below, or type to create a new model.” and it says “No matches found”. I don’t understand what it means by “type to create a new model”. Does that mean for me to create something out of the blue or what? I typed in “Model 1”, clicked on “Save changes” and it went back to the previous screen with “There is nothing to see yet! Click on a device to start editing!” I clicked on my device and it goes back to the same screen.

Here is the screen I have now:

Hi, Terry

Try this: hover your mouse pointer over the name of your Imp - the ‘234ec1eb6e4936ee’ You should see a cogwheel icon appear next to the Imp’s device code. Click on that and a dialog box will appear in which you can not only give your Imp a better name, but when you start typing a Model name into the Associated Model field, you’ll see the words ‘Create new Model’ appear alongside.

When you hit Return, you’ll be able to click ‘Save Changes’ and the IDE will be set up for you to start coding.

That’s what I did and what you said didn’t happen. At the top of the screen there is a little box that appears for a second and says “Success, your device settings were updated”. Then, it came back to the same screen as you see in my previous post.

I think someone made a change to the IDE and didn’t check it out.


It looks like someone fixed the problem overnight.


This is another dumb question.
I just finished with example number 1 and now want to go through example number 2. The instruction said “From Electric Imp IDE, create a new model called button and assign your device to it”. How do I create a new model?

I’m having the same issue. I have 4 Models, and would like to add another.


To add a new model, open the device settings of the device you’re going to assign it to, and start typing a new model name into the “Associated Model” dropdown (hit enter when you have the name you want, then click “Save Changes”).

It’s a bit clumsy right now, but we have a task in our queue to add a nice big “New Model” button.

Think I figured this out.
When there is an existing model, there is a down arrow next to the model name. Click on that will show you the device ID just below the model name. The setting gear will move down and to the right of the device ID number. It will also change context. Click on that and you will have a choice of creating a new model or associate the device with a different existing model.
Not very intuitive.

Wow. This REALLY needs some UI work. Badly. I just wasted an hour trying to figure out how to create a new model without overwriting an existing one. It is extremely non-intuitive. That “New Model” button will be very very nice. And an update to the docs wouldn’t hurt either.

I already made that mistake and deleted code (more than a few times). is there a video that shows how to use the UI better than:
I would love to see a set of videos that explain how this works.

There’s a full IDE User Guide here, @snowbiker100, and we also have an IDE-specific FAQ

Thanks for the reminder that that video exists, we should probably take it down / update it. The IDE has changed a lot since we made that video!