How do I display ASCII in "SHOW INPUT"

I have a simple program to display a short “proof of concept” newline terminated String in the SHOW INPUT node preceded by a message count. The basic code works, but displays the decimal value of each character instead of the ASCII character.
What I send to the IMP UART is

What I see in Node for the fourth message is
Cnt 4 Data 6965794448
Where 69->‘E, 65->‘A’, 79->‘O’, 44->’,’ 48 ->‘0’ and my code eats the ‘
’ as desired

How do I get the code to display ASCII?
Can SHOW INPUT display multiple lines of data?
This has to be simple! Any other corrections / improvements to my code are also appreciated.

// Read data to HUB
DataOutStr <- OutputPort(“Data”, “string”);
local cnt = 0;

function readSerial()
result = “”;
local ch;
// DataOutStr.set(format(“Start”));
ch =;
if(( ch != -1) && ( ch != 0xA))
result += (ch);
while (ch != 0xA);
server.log(format("%d end", ++cnt));
DataOutStr.set(format(“Cnt %d Data %s
\r”, cnt, result));
} //end readserial

// configure a pin pair for UART TX/RX
server.log(“Stats Monitor starting”);
hardware.uart57.configure(115200, 8, PARITY_NONE, 1, NO_CTSRTS, readSerial);
result <- blob(50);
imp.configure(“Monitor Hub”, [], [DataOutStr]);

You can do:

result += format("%c", ch);

…which should give you the actual text?

Thanks, I will try it in the morning.

Any possibility of displaying multiple line of text in the SHOW INPUT port

result += ch.tochar();


Thanks, Both format("%c", ch) and tochar() work.
I tried tochar() about a week ago and received an error saying that tochar() could not be found. Perhaps I was using it incorrectly at the time.