Help commissioning imp

I feel silly for not being able to commission my new imp, as the process seems straight forward, but after repeated tries I have been unsuccessful and am looking for help.

I have an imp with a Sparkfun imp breakout board powered by USB (with the jumper for USB power). I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have closed all applications and turned up the screen brightness. I am sitting in the dark and covering the imp during blink-up.

When I first power on the device it blinks orange (as I believe it should) indicating it’s ready for blink-up. When I start the blink-up the LEDs in the imp stop blinking, however, after blink-up completes the imp goes back to blinking orange. I do not ever see the green LED or red LED individually.

I have tried with my home router and a second Android phone acting as a wireless hotspot. I was not successful with either connection. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like a connection issue, because the imp never flashes the green LED to say it received the network configuration via blink-up (it also doesn’t light the red LED to say blink-up failed).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Are you sure there is no red/orange combination like described here?

I tried again and paid attention closely to the colour. The only colour I get is orange. If I look closely I can see both the green and red LEDS on together to make the orange.

Is it possible to use an other phone/tablet?

I did try on my Kindle Fire Gen 1 running N2A Android 4.2, but I didn’t get any different results. There is only another Samsung S3 in the home to try, but I’ll give it a go this evening. I’ll report back with my results.

You should turn power save mode off on the S3, and use legacy blinkup mode.

Developer edition imps were made about 18 months ago and so have a very old OS version, which will update as soon as you get them online. You still need to get it online though…