Hello World Getting Started Error (LED does not blink)

Hi All,

I am very new to using the electric imp.

I have followed the getting started guide to the letter yet the test blink program still will not work.

The server log should be displaying this after launching the code:
[Status] Device Disconnecting
[Status] Device Booting; 0.73% program storage used

…But instead, it displays this:
[Status] Agent restarted: reload.
[Status] Downloading new code; 0.73% program storage used

All I have done is copy the code from the getting started guide into the device code panel.

The board is plugged into a power source and is connected to a circuit exactly like the one in the diagram.

The IDE IS connected to the device. The blinkup went fine and it says device connected.

However, when I hit Build and Run of the basic example code, nothing happens.

Thanks so much!

p.s. Here is the link to the getting started guide.

Might you have the LED in backwards?
They have a polarity.

Show us a clear photo of your project.

The LED should have one long leg and one short(er) leg. The long one should connect to the the resistor, the short one to the GND pin of the imp.

Hi Everybody,

I found the error.

The polarity (and circuit in general) were all set up in the right place…however it was pin 9 that seemed to be broken.

I changed my code to pin 8 and moved the wires and it worked perfectly.


Historically, pin 1 has been the flaky pin, due to SD card connector.
Maybe put a 2nd LED on pin 9 and blink both of them as a way to recheck pin 9.
Or, perhaps you burned it out by touching some voltage to it?