Heated imp

Hi there. I just got two imp’s and two Electric Imp Breakout boards from Sparkfun. great fun.
what I find really strange though is that one of the imps get really hot, while the other remain unchanged.
Its certanly the imp card itself - it get’s really warm (in just a couple of minutes) regardless which dev board it’s inserted to…

any experience with this?

the breakout boars run on 6v and 9v…

thank’s for any feedback.

  • lars,

That’s strange. How are you powering the breakout boards? (ie, what input pins are you using? VCC and GND pads?)

Imps are individually tested on the production line for power consumption, but if an imp has been subjected to electrical stress (eg: 6v or 9v got shorted accidentally to a pin) it might get hot from then onwards due to the damage from the short.

I’m using the two p+/p- pads… I might have been a bit rough on the soldering there… and could possibly have shorted between the two pads for a short time…
the imp seem to work well despite the heat though…

thanks for the help.