Good 320x240 display for the imp?

I’m slowly making progress on my Squeezebox remote; I have a simple Windows service that subscribes (via CometD) for when a song changes, then pushes the data to my Imp:

Next, I’d like to post something a bit more exciting (album covers?) as well as provide for browsing playlists and such. Does anyone know of a good 320x240 display to use with the Imp that has an existing hardware library? The Adafruit TFT display on is only 128x160; I can’t seem to find a FT800 display online.

Looks like Digikey has the FT800 devkits in stock with or without a plastic bezel:

Working with the FT800 is very complex as it is an extremely advanced chip. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and write some serious code if you go that route.

If you do end up going with a FT800 display, we have some code to get you started here:

As @Brandon mention - it’s a pretty complex chip, but the linked code shows how to display an image you send to your agent’s HTTP handler :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up! Do you have any experience working with the library at this address?

Thanks beardedinventor - I didn’t see your post before I made my last comment.

@HTolino, how about something like this? Not tried it, but it has an integrated controller, so it should be easier for the imp to drive than the FT800.

Cool! A UART-attached touchscreen with graphics primitives! I’ve just ordered one - thanks for the suggestion.

Jolly good, @HTolino. Please let us know how you get on with the screen when it arrives.