Galaxy S III woes


Have a Samsung Galaxy S III running the 4.1.2 and electctric imp app and cannot get Blinkup to work. Just get red light 1hz. Have tried the suggestions in the forum to no avail. Tried my friends Nexus 7 and works straight away. I see mention of a custom version of the app, can someone send me this please?

I’ll PM you the half-speed version.


Thank you for your reply.

The slower app still does not work on my phone. However in my attempts to get this working earlier I did try to download the normal version from the Play store onto my Galaxy Tab2 10.1 v 4.1.1 but app would not show in the store, implying it was not compatible. I installed the slow version you sent me onto the tablet and the blink up works.

Are you any nearer to a solution for this problem? Can we not use the usb port to send wifi details to the imp?

You’re the only person for whom the slow speed doesn’t work; actually, most SIII owners are fine with the version in the app store.

Are you 100% sure the password was typed correctly when you did the blinkup? Have you watched the video showing how you cover the side of the card (when unhoused in a devboard) to ensure the sensor doesn’t get saturated?


The password is fine, so far I am connecting using the tablet with the slow speed although I would prefer to use the phone. I have seen that it is recommended that you shield the sensor and I have put black tape on both sides of the card.

Do you think it is worth experimenting with the display brightness?

The app should turn up the brightness to max when it starts the blinkup process… is this not happening on your device?


I am not seeing any change in brightness with the app running no matter how I set the brightness slider.

What I have noticed is that the blink up appears to run faster on the tablet than the phone. Ran a test and the slow blink up on the tablet takes 15 seconds compared to 25 on the phone. Started to look at what could be slowing the phone down.

Tried a complete turn off/on of the phone and still 25 seconds.
I have seen mention of sound could cause timing issues so muted the phone, still 25 seconds.
Eventually found that by turning power saving off the slow blink up speed matched the tablet. (note the tablet does have power saving enabled)

Success I can now use the normal and slow blink up on the phone.

Thank you for your persistence is helping resolve this issue. Hope this helps anyone else having this problem.

Hmm, can you tell me where this power saving control is? I’ve not seen that on any of our devices. If there’s an API to control this then we’ll add it to the package so that it’ll disable it automatically.


On my Samsung S III V4.1.2 you can either goto the home screen and drag the info bar at the top of the screen down and change the setting from the horizontal scrollbar or goto the settings screen and select it from device settings.

I take it that if you can modify this setting through API you will revert to last state on exit?