Funny Agent Behavior

Hello everybody,

Has anyone witnessed some odd agent behavior this evening? My agent code was working as of 5:52PM CT, but doesn’t appear to be running now. My device code is running just fine, but seems to “skip” my agent.send, although I placed a test log after my call to the agent and it runs just fine.

It could be on Twilio’s end, but just wondered if anyone else was having an issue.

I just want to get back to tinkering with the little devil!

Any help is appreciated

Just tested a Twilio send from the imp running my security system with no problems.

Scratches head Now it’s working just fine. Didn’t change any code. Thanks for the reply though! Also, great work on the Little Devil app! I haven’t gotten to tinker with it yet, but have downloaded it.

:slight_smile: Little Devil is Brendan Dawes app, and it is really cool. My app is called IoT Buddy. Currently, you are better off with Brendan’s as his sends JSON, and that is very nice for using with agents. I’m finishing up an upgrade on IoT Buddy to add JSON, as well as more controls and xively support. If you have any suggestions about things you would like to see in the app, let me know, and I’ll try to implement them. Are you paying for Twilio or using a free account? I wonder if there is any difference priority?

Oh, I’m sorry man - I just see you on a lot and knew you were both working on apps. I was using a Twilio trial, but decided to go with the full account for further testing. I’ll let you know if I think of some features that would be cool. Do you use your temp monitor for brewing? I’m curious about trying an ir temp probe with the imp to measure from a distance, say 12".

No worries. I haven’t yet brewed with the “jTherm”, though I have been looking on and trying to decide which probe would be best to put in my mash tun. My bro has been working with an IR temp sensor, though I think he is controlling it with an MSP430. What would you measure? Mash? Boil? I usually do a recirculating mash, and like to get my temperature from somewhere below the surface. However, it seems you get varying temps in the mash, even with recirculating.

I have noticed that swap4 from the blob class in the stdlib seems to be missing in the agent.

I have noticed that swap4 from the blob class in the stdlib seems to be missing in the agent.

Oh heavens, so it is. (The blob.swap4() method is there, but the swap4() global function isn’t – right?) Will fix.


btw, are you use a 64bit version of squirrel in the agent or a 32bit?

As far as Squirrel is concerned, it’s 32-bit. Anything else would be too confusing for people going back and forth from 32-bit Squirrel on the device side.