Forum server move

Tomorrow at about 6pm PDT we’ll be moving the forums from dreamhost to AWS. There will be a short downtime whilst the database gets copied to the new environment, but from that point the forums should be a lot more responsive :slight_smile:

All moved and seems to be working much faster than before :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you notice any strange behavior.

Is the mobile version of the forums down? I get the following:

Was not even aware there was a mobile version. Will look into it.

Same here … first time I’d ever seen the blue “bonk” screen :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed now. Ewww php. To think I used to write bulletin board software and it’s come to this…

Yea, looks fine now Hugo … thanks.

Definitely better. It seemed to have died for about an hour last week. What BB software did you write for? I spent many hours dialed in to our local BBS. I think it ran on Mustang? Also remember downloading Doom v.99 from it, and staying up all night playing it in awe…

I ran various BBSes; originally on 6502 machines (my own software, usually videotex-based), then TagBBS and Custom-BBS! on an Amiga (I wrote a Binkleyterm interface to hook it to fidonet, as it didn’t support that out of the box), then various ones on early ARM based machines (including ArcBBS, a multi-line system, one of which is still running if you telnet to