Forum Maintenance

Forums will be undergoing scheduled maintenance today from 12PM - 1PM (PDT).

We will post here and on @impstatus when the work is complete.

Part of the maintenance will include a slight restructure of the forums categories to (hopefully) help clarify where new discussions should go. Moving forward we are going to try to start moving discussions that were posted in inappropriate categories.

The category thing is a problem … Agents are software and Imps are hardware and it’s just hard to know where to put the posts. Good luck.

is there a search enhancement included as well?
Now I use Google to find a topic in this forum…

I’m using Google too, I just can’t find posts that I know are there…

There’s no search enhancement, although it’s something we can look into @DolfTraanberg.

Scheduled maintenance complete!

Check out the updated categories (most are just renamed, with descriptions to clarify what to post where… so there will be some posts that don’t belong, at some point we’ll likely clean that up).

We’ve also updated / condensed the Code of Conduct and posting rules into a single post. Please have a read!

Finally, you’ll likely notice the forum page now shows a list of recent conversations, rather than a list of categories - we think this will be more useful, but if you liked the old style more, you can bookmark the Categories Page.

If you have suggestions for future improvements, let us know!

Matt Haines
Community Manager
Electric Imp

Looks like something may have gone funny with the mobile version of the forums… I get the attached error in multiple mobile browsers after clearing the cache on an iPhone 5S running iOS 7.0.4

Seems as though a couple magic folders got wiped out during the maintenance… should be working again (I tested on my phone, and it looks OK).

Thanks for the catch!