Flora updated with Nora PSU. Will this work? (updated)


As the topic asks: If the flora is placed in soil, one might expect that it would be able to measure the amount of water in the soil (volumetric water content). Has this been tested?

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It will measure that, yes, but calibration is hard (depends on how dense the soil is, and how close it is to the PCB). Many commercial sensors work in the same way.

Hello Hugo

Thanks alot for the answer. Great to hear that it works for measuring soil moisture. I will try to get a few samples produced and see how it measures and how hard it is to calibrate.

In the flora documentation it states “This is an old design, and uses an expensive low Iq boost converter. This works well, but burns 12μA of current at all times. We will be updating this design to use the Nora-style boost that is controlled by the imp, allowing a cheaper part to be used”

This talk about the schematics being updated, has anything happened on this front? If not I will try do it myself, and post the resulting schematics/PCB.

We’ve not the PSU update at this time, no.

I have updated schematics for the flora with the boost PSU, reverse voltage protection and under voltage lockout from the Nora.

I managed to get all the components onto the board without to much trouble, but I would like to get a second set of eyes on my schematics before i send them to fabrication.