Fixed-frequency ADC

I just got my imp commissioned! In my application, I need to sample an analog input at a regular rate of 8000 Hz (every 125 microseconds), and perform calculations on each new set of 200 samples. Is there a way to set an interrupt to take samples at this rate?

Looks like the answer is no, at least for now (based on another thread I found). I’m wanting to do software-based DTMF decoding and generating, and an impee for inline connection to a phone line. I will add hardware for now with the hope that the software will catch up! First iteration will use a serial modem. Then I will move to chip-based encoders/decoders. Then to software-based (hopefully!).

Release 9, which is out next (a weekish, I hope), has this functionality. You set up multiple buffers and get callbacks as each is filled.

Nice! Will there also be a way to generate a wave using DAC at a comparable sample frequency? Based on table values, perhaps?

There will be, but not in release-9. Subsequent releases will be adding fixed freq output, but no date just yet.

That would be great.

Any plans for fixed frequency output yet?

Yes, still plans but no date. Likely start of 2013.