Firmware changes

Hi guys,

When you push a new firmware out to our Imps can you let us know via the forum or blog? 
I spent a while today trying to debug an Imp that looked like it was dead because the lights stopped flashing. It turns out that they just don’t flash anymore when things are working.


We do post, in the release notes forum (last post was about release-3).

There have been no releases since then, though one is coming up shortly with improved android blinkup support amongst other things.

The green light should be flashing when the imp is online (the “turn the green light off after 60 seconds when everything is ok” feature is not yet in a build).

Well isn’t that odd :slight_smile:

It turns off for me but still operates fine. It’s weirdly dead looking until I send a command to turn on the LEDs.

Ah, maybe we’re talking about different LEDs. I was talking about the red/green LED in the imp itself. Are you talking about hannah’s LED?

Same one (but April).

That’s interesting, and a bug if it’s online but there’s no green light. Is the imp in any interesting lighting conditions? I’m wondering if it’s seeing enough change in ambient light it might be thinking there’s an incoming blinkup packet.

release-4 had improvements in that area, so when the next release does come out I’d appreciate any reports of this happening again.