Firewall rule

Your search bar does not return a thing for "firewall"
here are my doubts

1 - how to configure a firewall to allow an imp to connect to the cloud.

2 - I need to place an imp behind 2 firewalls
will i have problems?

Quoting Hugo… “The imp requires no changes to an inbound firewall, but does require outbound access on port 31314 for a single TCP/TLS connection. Generally, this isn’t a problem as firewalls mostly work to prevent the local network from harmful external traffic (ie inbound firewall). If there is an outbound firewall that will prevent outgoing TCP connections to port 31314 then this will need to be reconfigured by the network owner.”

thank you i will check

Yep, no config generally necessary. It’s fine with multiple levels of firewall and NAT, as long as it can make its outbound connection to the imp server.