File Upload?

I’m working on a project that uses an Arduino and an Electric Imp. I’m using an Adafruit GPS Logger Shield (The New One) to record data to .txt files on a MicroSD card. When the electric Imp is in range of my home WiFi network, the files get dumped from the MicroSD card on-board the shield to a central server.

Is this sort of file upload functionality possible with the electric imp?

I think so. Check the instructables website for a great entry for a wireless weather station.

This shows using JSON to get data to a web server and then to a web page. I think your file would follow the same principle but maybe would require your own code to go line by line through the file? I am not the best person to answer this question at all but I think this piece may help you.

I am not sure how you would cue the imp to suddenly realize there is wifi available but one idea would be for it to try every time your car is shut down. Naturally it will need both power and a ‘car has just turned off’ signal. I suppose it could use gps to realize you are at home : )