FCC Requirements

What is the requirement for FCC certification of a product that incorporates the imp002 module? The circuit board is a basic carrier PCB with some I/O to drive relays and such. Since the imp module is already FCC compliant, is further product qualification really necessary? FCC Certification is not free!

Is there a difference in regulatory requirements I would have to run through depending on whether I use the imp002 or the imp001?

Any electronic product will need unintentional emitter approval. This is the case even if your board was just relays and an MCU with no wireless. If it’s a devboard then generally it’s not classified as a product and hence no approvals are needed (see: arduinos and pretty much everything sparkfun sell).

As long as you satisfy several conditions (eg: no other transmitters in the product, product not used as a portable device near the body, no modifications to imp or antenna) then you can reference our modular approval and do not need to do intentional emitter testing. You will need to mark “contains FCC ID PPQ-IMP002” on the outside of the product though, and reference our test report.

You should talk with an EMC lab about your unintentional emitter stuff and mention you want to use our modular approval.

With imp001 you just do unintentional, and have no need to reference our imp001 approval as long as the imp slot is user accessible. The imp001 approvals are like the approvals for the PCMCIA wifi cards you used to get with laptops - the laptop didn’t need wireless approval.

Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for your input :smiley:

A found an interesting Q&A on the FCC requirements here that might be of interest to other layfolk like me:

That’s actually a pretty good FAQ you linked :slight_smile: