Faulty April Board. Any guidance

I swapped an imp001 card into another April board but this board appears not to be working. The imp001 card is fine as works perfectly on another April board.

Firstly when powered up it only blinked green once (tried both USB and battery power options). Then in IDE the device took awhile to show up but when it did all it showed was 000000000000. I then created a new model and attached this device. Then in Device Log had message “no atsha found” and “sleeping until 1425723198000”. Message repeated every 20 seconds or so and sleeping timer until counted down accordingly. I tried uploading new code but to no avail. Nothing shows up as being online.

Any idea how to resolve this one.

Just speculating here, but it seems as if this one is perhaps hardware related? I think I recall a previous post or two re: faulty ATSHA devices, and there’s also the possibility of a faulty connection between the imp and the device (i.e. socket problem, cold solder joint, etc. … though I don’t recall hearing about any socket problems related to pin 6). A quick visual inspection of the connection might be useful.

Have you happened to try any other imps in your suspect April card? Will be interested to learn how you resolve this one.

(Edit: here’s a post I recalled seeing … the ATSHA is mentioned later in this thread. Possibly slightly different symptoms though - i.e. imp not showing up in planner - so maybe something else is at play for your situation).

This may well have been one of my very first April cards. I am wondering whether this has to do with the hardware authentication chip getting damaged/corrupted in some way. Was there not a time when you could change the name of the device through IDE and I wondered whether I had tried that and now whatever I had written is not readable any more. Maybe I will try and see if I can work with it in offline mode to see if that offers any clues.

I had thought the ATSHA device was utilized in a read-only mode to simply provide a unique ID - device/naming being associated with the IDE - so wouldn’t think corruption would be an issue, but I could be wrong here. Will be interesting to hear what others might be able to offer.

Yeah, no ATSHA found is where the ATSHA is not responding. Worth having a look at the soldering on both it and the SD socket.

The ID is the hardware ID of the ATSHA so this can’t get corrupted - it’s not changeable.

I had a new one that was reporting 000000000000. After touching all relevant solder joints with a solder pencil, the device is now working fine.

@hvacspei thanks for adding your feedback. I will try the same and see what happens.

FYI in case you are still looking. I think I had a different problem with the April board that had PIN1 not working but just in case it helps your problem. Search the Electric Imp Forums for a thread titled - Imp and a Thermistor is not reading ADC properly

Apparently you may need to push the SD card into the socket to engage the pin properly on some boards. I only had one older board with this problem and used sticky tape to fix it :wink:

Generally pin1 issues are quite different from any other pins, due to the physical layout (it goes 9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and pin 9 is offset downwards, so excessive pressure here can bend the imp’s 0.35mm PCB upwards if there isn’t supporting foam inside the imp case)

…but yes, more pressure on the top (eg tape) can fix it!

I tried the above suggestions and did not fix the problem I’m afraid.

I did another text search through forum and found this thread which appears to explain similar problem (as in when powered up imp001 in April board only blinked green once and then gives up) https://discourse.electricimp.com/discussion/comment/19595/#Comment_19595

No real solution given in this case either. In my case it is definitely an April board issue as my imp001 card works perfectly in another April dev board.

Also just to say that I could not find a diagram or photo showing location of the ATSHA IC on the April dev board. Was not clear to me.

It was not clear to me, but I took a looksie at the schematic and noticed the ATSHA has 3 pins, with 1 connected to pin 6 of the SD card slot. I believe when you’re holding the April card with the slot facing upwards and the USB jack facing to the right, the ATSHA chip is to the left of the bottom left corner of the USB jack. That’s the chip whose connectors I touch with the soldering pencil and resolve my ID issue.

Having said that, I now have another April card that seems to have the same symptoms as yours, @gerriko.

If either of you can power an imp up in that card, leave it for a minute, and then post your mac address here we can look and see what we saw on our side. Not powering up the imp in another board would be helpful otherwise it’s not clear which host it’s in.

I was using imp card this morning but switched it over to faulty April board a little after 13:10 (UK/IRE time). MAC is 0c2a69000e9f.

Also tested imp001 card 0c2a69000e99 on faulty april board at around 13:25. This too was used earlier in other april board.

Yep, both of those are showing up with a faulty atsha (ID is being read as all zeros). If you have a multimeter, even checking that pin 6 is high without the imp in the socket is a good test (generally it’s not the ATSHA that’s upset, but rather there’s a bad joint, bad pull-up resistor, etc)

@Hugo thanks for confirmation. Say where do I find a diagram that shows me which is pin 6.

It’s easy to find on an (imp) april; behind the USB connector is a 3 pin device (looks like a transistor). This is the ATSHA. You can see that the pin closest to the USB connector has a trace that runs immediately to a resistor (the pull-up) and then directly on to the SD socket.

That’s pin 6.