Facotry Fixture "reset" using IMP003 Breakout Board


I was recently setting up a new factory fixture using an IMP003 breakout board (the Murata one available on Digikey). I had the wrong factory code linked to my production model after I had successfully blinked up the IMP added the IMP the the production model successfully. No problem I thought, just delete it and start again with the correct code.

I deleted the IMP from the production model, cleared all its settings, and attempted to blink it back up from scratch. Now I am unable to get it to link to my dashboard/account at all using multiple WiFi networks. The breakout board LED sequence shows it is blinking up just fine and goes to green blinking, but never connects to the account.

On an offhand chance, I tried to re-ad the MAC address to the Production model and got the message “Mac address in use by production devices”.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


I see you’ve filed a ticket - the issue here is likely some strange backend state that needs addressing. I’ve pinged the assignee again.