Explanation for gettingstarted Agents article needed

Hello guys,
I just received my electric imp.
I’ve got a question about the gettingstarted Agents article.

When I activate the LED via the agent-url it begins to blink.
Why is it blinking?
I can’t find the blinking part in the code:

led <- hardware.pin9; led.configure(DIGITAL_OUT); function setLed(ledState) { server.log("Set LED: " + ledState); led.write(ledState); } agent.on("led", setLed);

Would be nice if somebody could explain this phenomenon to me.
And I apologize for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

No need to apologize, your English is better than many native speakers. Your LED shouldn’t be blinking, that code just turns it on and off… something else is going on. Is the code from the previous example still running? Can you post all of the code you have?

Also, for future reference, when you post code, if you click the “C” in the markup menu, it will add code tags that set off your code nicely, so we can all see it more clearly…and congrats on getting started with the Electric Imp… welcome to an great community.

Oh God I made a incredible stupid mistake.
I used a “Blink-LED”.
Just tested a “normal” one and everything is fine.
My fault, sorry for that.

But thanks for the fast help.