Electric imp controller App using android phone

I just purchased the SD electric imp and this is my first time trying to program and use it,So I am a newbe, please help.

The android mobile phone application “electric imp controller” that allows turning on and off all outputs of the imp001 will not connect via the application.
When app ask for the agent ID seems to be the problem, I think maybe I do not know what the agent ID is or how to enter it in the app.
I am entering in the app " https://agent.electricimp.com/xxxxxxxx" which is the agents link.
Can any one tell me if this is the agent ID that I should be entering into the electric imp controller app?

Yes, that is your agent URL, though I would recommend editing your post and removing the URL… just to keep people from trying to mess with your imp.

I haven’t used the android app, you will need some agent code for the app to talk to. Do you have that set up?

xxxxxx(-)z32 that dash looks a little of beat, don’t get an error thg when calling it in a browser. The agent link is in your imp ide look at the attachm. thats the link u should enter. Got 3 imps and no 1 has a dash - in its url.
Listend to J wher and removed the agenturl

The dash is a valid character in the agent URL.

Has anyone been successful getting the “Controller” android app working??

I am just getting “Connection Error” message on my Samsung S5 phone.
I did make sure the agent ID was entered correctly.

anyone know how to get past the connection error??


OK, after several emails the developer of the “Controller” app (who was very helpful)
I found that when entering the “Imp agent id” in the settings box that you should only enter the 12 digit agent code… not the whole url.

ie. leave out the “https://agent.electricimp.com/” and enter the digits folowing.

but it works great and can even tell you what the status of the 6 april output pins are.


I could not get this app to work. It keeps giving Connection Errors. I entered the agent ID and also the User ID. Does this work with all Androids?

It does work. Connection issue was a minor error in the Agent ID.