Electric Imp Cloud Server Status

Is there a place where one can check on the status of the Electric Imp cloud server?
My Imp was working fine all night, then this morning it began to get disconnected. Nothing have changed from my part.
Several reboots gets the Imp connected momentarily, then it disconnects again. Even the agents message stopped showing up on my IDE log.

Follow @impstatus on Twitter. I’m not noticing anything at the moment.

As in, it showed disconnected in the logs? How long was it connected for before showing as disconnected? Just checking - you don’t have any infinite loops in your code, do you? (that can cause the imp to miss a server ping, which means the server closes the connection).

We had an HTTP in outage just now, but nothing on devices for a long while.

Regarding today’s outage, Hugo, I lost a small amount of work in the IDE after getting a persistent message about an Error that the “Debugging Hippos” were looking into. I’m in a timezone where you may have less clients, so many may not have noticed it. It wasn’t such a big deal, but it’s quite disconcerting. At some point, my IDE browser page refreshed itself, but none of the most recent changes had been successfully committed, despite me pressing “Build and Run” numerous times. If the IDE is forced to display an error message like this, should it also suggest that a user cut and paste their code out of the browser window, to avoid an embarrassing loss?

Hm, there shouldn’t have been any IDE outage - nothing we’re aware of anyway, the API endpoints looked peachy. Can you pinpoint the time this happened to you?

Suggsting cut & paste might be an idea if the editor is still responding. I’ll file a request…

Sorry, can’t give you an exact time but it would be around 02:30 UTC. After trying to “Build and Run” a few times, but getting blocked by the error message (which I’d never seen before), I left it for an hour. When I returned to the IDE, it had been refreshed and my code had somehow rolled back to the last committed build.

Apologies, missed this discussion and started a new one under General.

I also had a number of hiccups some last night at around 23h00 to 23h30 SAST and again at 13h19 to 13h22 SAST

And the whole browser (latest Chrome) froze right now 14h43 SAST whilst typing in this comment…

Erm, if the browser is hanging when you’re typing comments into the forum then I suspect a local issue or network connectivity?

Been out of town for a few days so I haven’t been able to follow the discussion.
@Hugo, no I don’t have infinite loops in my code. Simply the LEDBlink program that take command from the web and the agent dispatch a message to the device to turn on/off the LED.

try logging the RSSI to see how much signal the imp has? server.log(imp.rssi())


Something is wrong somewhere. Woke up this morning with 3 devices (2 x Hannahs and 1 custom built IntelliPower) all in a random state. Some examples:

2 devices switched off but showing "Agent not running/Device online"
1 device switched on & running(log updated) show "Device offline/Agent running"
All 3 devices switch off for 8 minutes, still show “Device online/Agent running”

Now after trying to get them running I switched all off and 10 minutes later still have results:
Hannah#1: offline/running
Hannah#2: online/running
IntelliPower: offline/running

All 3 use exact same agent code, with behaviour configured based on device identity sent to agent.
I have rebooted the AP as well as the gateway. All other internet activity works perfect.

ammaree your’not alone quite few of us are having problems.

Think I have some more info of value.
Only switched 1 device on, IntelliPower.
Device tries to get startup config (previously saved in cloud) through agent from cloud, but message from device does not reach agent.

When I use my Netio/iOS based client to send instruction to Device it reaches the agent and agent send it to device which acts.

But the changed status from device back to agent does not work since the agent does not receive the message from the device.

The data from my three imps went missing from around 03:25GMT today. The Imp data is reaching server.log but it appears the agent isn’t enacting the “device.on” code. I’ll hang tight as I’m sure the server side is down but being worked on.

Hooray, we are suddenly up at 12h10…

all good here, data flowing again. Thanks.

here too, at 11:55:09 UTC+1

problem back again at 13:21 UTC+1??

Yep, same this side as of 14h21 SAST (UTC+2)

Yip, mine failed at exactly the same time.
server.log function continues to work which at least shows there is communication from the imp to the server.

None of the device.on functions work which means that the Device-to-Agent communication is not working.