Electric imp as a sensor hub connecting multiple distributed sensors

Hi - I wanted to check if electric imp can be used such that the impee is connected to say 8 - 10 sensors (temperature, motion, camera sensors) around the home that are distributed/untethered. Would this be a valid commercial application of imp.

If so, what would be the “wireless connectivity” options and looking for advise on the wireless connectivity modules that need to reside on the sensor and on the imp.

Goal is to enable easy pairing of the sensors to the imp (ideally user driven flexible pairing similar to BLE pairing to smartphones or “factory pairing” of sensors to imp ok) with the “imp appliance” being the internet sensor sub.

Another goal, if possible is to keep the connectivity modules cost to less than $10 per module on both imp side and sensor side.

I am a software person with little hardware experience and looking to get feasibility feedback on the above imp appliance and sensor setup

It’s feasible, using cheap RF (eg 433MHz). Quite a lot of work to get that built and working, though, and that’d only work for low bandwidth sensors - not cameras.

In this case the Imp might be an expensive solution. (sorry, imp-folks)
If you connect your “base station” to an Imp, you’ll have your Internet connection.
Worked for me the first time I tried


Take a look at using XBees to make a zigbee mesh network and then UART that into the IMP. I’m in the early thought stages of such an application. I am somewhat limited by the number of pins on the Imp but believe I can place an identifier in the data stream from each of my sensors so I can route more than one sensor into a single pin.

Xbees make great ways of moving data from widely separated sensors into to a single location fairly trivial and cost effective (they are very low power as well).

You use the Imp for the processing and via wifi offloading your data to [file in the blank]

Cheers, rledwa2

I was checking the price of Xbee…it comes to about $35 including the adapter cost. In that case, very close to that of wifi enabling a sensor using imp+aprilboard.

Would bluetooth LE module (TI CC2540? - around $4.0 price) be a feasible option for wirelessly pairing sensor to an imp a lower price.

Take a look on ebay for NRF24L01, these are just a few dollars each.