Electric imp and 434Mhz Receiver. anyone?

Hi Guys,

need a good kickoff for a 434Mhz Receiver.
Should i use the sampler or any better ideas?


Saying what you’re trying to receive might be useful…

uhh sorry, i want to capture the temp of my wireless thermostat and log the data.

I suppose it’s easier to build a complete thermostat yourself with that imp. Then you have complete control…
And if you only want to log data, why connect it to the thermostat?
Just an imp as temperature logger will do this as well

No, i want to get the data from the thermostat and it is also a learning thing for future projects.


i got a “RX MID 3V - MODUL, RECEIVER, 434MHZ, AM, 3V” Datasheet and used Audacity to capture the data send from my thermostat (see Attachement).
I know its 2000bps Manchester-coded data using On-Off keying.

Now i need to figure out the best way to capture the data with the imp.

any hint?

found someone that did exactly what i would do but with a flyport.


still need a good kickoff!

I think it is a good example.
What info do you still need?

the best way to sample the data with the imp.

If I understand correctly, you want to hook the wireless thermostat to your Imp via a 434Mhz receiver. It seems to me that your problem is at that point not Imp related. You first have to hack your received 434Mhz datastream.
After that, you start working with the imp

it is already done and i only need to find the best way to hook the 434MHz receiver to the imp, capture the data and do the magic to the datastream.

well, that is a bit hard to tell from here.
It depends on the structure of the data you are receiving.
I should start to hook up an oscilloscope to the receiver

if you open the wav file i posted before, you see exactly how the signal looks.
It’s 2000bps Manchester-coded data using On-Off keying.

I know its 2000bps Manchester-coded data using On-Off keying.
sorry, that is telling me nothing. I'm afraid I can't help you with that.

I suppose you had a look here:


Sampler is a good idea here, though will burn quite a bit of memory. Release 23 has gapless SPI so you could use that. Really you want something that will capture pulse widths and put them in an array, but there’s nothing happening on that front just yet in the imp OS.

I’m also interested in this myself. There is some information that could be of help here:

Now all we need to know is if the Imp can take the ouput from the Data output of the 434Mhz receiver and make digital magic in order to extract the manchester coded data.


any improvements in Release 27.x ??

This Project is still on my Wishlist…

I use HOPE HM-TRP, http://www.hoperf.com/rf/fsk/HM-TRP.htm . Very easy to implement for UART.
Or check HOPE other ones - good stuff.

i have to bump this thread again.

I’am in the mood to give it a second try…

any hint to lead me in the right direction?