Easy Zoomable graph of COSM data

Zoomable Graph (click me)

This data comes from Imp.
Only a few lines of code on Imp. 1 line above. Easy as Pie!
You can zoom the time scale and see the overview while zoomed. It uses:

Google Chart
^ You can embed it in your website.

Here’s the old way:

With Google Viz you can also control the Y-axis minimum and max…

Are you showing a way to improve a chart but still using the COSM service? I am interested in making X-Y charts but avoiding COSM. It should be possible with google charts or other services. I am too new to web programming to make quick progress though…

thanks for positing this.

Did you see the Google Viz chart above? It is charting COSM data.
It is possible to use any Google Chart on COSM data, but not so simple as I have shown above. No coding. You can embed it.

You can edit the HTML to graph whatever data source you want:

I believe mjkuwp94 was saying that he wants to store data in a Google chart or spreadsheet and NOT use COSM (now Xively). Can you program an imp to store data into at a Google based file?

I cannot, because I love the way COSM works! For how long can I continue to use my old links since Xively came along?

sdtrent, you are right about my intentions

I am working on learning my own way to chart my data, totally skipping COSM/Xively. Without warning they changed their interface and the two different ways I was using COSM no longer work. Sadly this is a lesson about how reliant some designs are on 3rd parties - and the electric imp service is an example of that. so far the imps have performed flawlessly but I still am always worried about long-term support.

for charting;
I am trying to use either chartjs or jchartFX. I think it will work; I just need some time to practice. I have a web hosting account which is not a solution everyone will like but I sure do. I like having more control.

That’s not very nice. Mine seems to still work.

sbright33, are you using your own graphing tools? so COSM is acting as a repository for your data only? i wonder if you have considered skipping that middle step.

I was using COSM by looking directly at the feed on their site - on which I could display plots of multiple datastreams - and by using the chart build function that create a URL which would build a chart. I had bookmarked that chart and it would refresh each time I opened that page on my browser or when I refreshed. That broke with the change to Xively and I no longer have usable charts on the Xively page.

I feel like I would be better off writing PHP to save to a text file on my own server and eventually using SQL to do that - again on my own server.

however, I do see the advantage to using a service that is already set up - unless that service changes its API and terms of use multiple times per year.

Click the link at the top of this thread. This is my favorite graph type using COSM data. There is one below it that you can configure via URL. They have not yet changed since I began using them this year. In the end, I may regret it.

@mjkuwp94 bear in mind that we have a business model that generates income, and have had that from the start. Cosm did not appear to have this, so it appears they are iterating towards one that may start paying the bills.

I would hope that as we considered how we’d stay afloat from the very beginning, we won’t have to pivot to do just that!