E paper display

WOW, i like it

too bad it need a lot of pins.

the imp does not have so many pins.

Does anybody know of one we can use with imp?

The Vanessa reference design uses a display with SPI.

MakeDeck is currently manufacturing the Vanessa board. The PCB’s are currently enroute from China, and will go out to be manufactured as soon as they arrive. We expect to have them available for sale in a few weeks. @tom has done a really nice job putting together an entire project that includes a custom enclosure from Shapeways and fully working code. We will also be publishing an iOS app to make it easy to send image files to the display.

I’m also hoping that we can get interested parties in the Electric Imp community to help create open software to use with the ePaper displays. At the moment, you can send an image to the display, but there is no easy way to send text.

size matters so i´m considering first this tiny gadget, arduino compatible

Size is small

That is small, @ramstein74. I used this:


It works a treat over I²C when connected to an imp.

@makedeck @jwehr @anyone…bueller Has anyone created a character driver for displaying text? Did a bit of searching, but haven’t seen one yet.