Duplicating models

I’ll typically duplicate existing working models to use as a starting point for new code/feature development. Unlike the older IDE, I’m assuming the way to do it now is to create a new (blank) model, then cut and paste (switching between active and inactive models as necessary as others have mentioned) ? Just want to confirm, and make sure I haven’t overlooked any simpler alternatives. Thanks.

That’s how I do it :slight_smile:
The IDE falls short of being a true development environment, with its limited functionality. I hope this will soon improve. Most awkward right now in my opinion is the way code is saved. You have to hit the Run button to save code, and the only way to verify the code was save is to closely watch the tiny build number increase by one. However, there is no way to retrieve older builds, or any other way of revision control. From time to time code is lost without warning when I close the expanded code window where I have been editing. If there would be a way to retrieve the previous build, at least not everything would be lost. The best way so far is working in an external editor and copy&paste back and forth. Not a very productive way of working though.
What I also miss is the ability to include files. It would make using and maintaining library code so much easier.

Thanks for the response and comments, and for the acknowledgment I’m generally on a reasonable track re: rev control. (Based on a few on the comments I’ve read, I had started to also copy/paste/save code locally … nothing more frustrating than losing code). Have just started to work with the beta editor, and can see some of the things you’ve indicated. I appreciate the heads up based on your experiences.

Thanks again.