Download media file from server


I have [Arduino UNO] + [SD Card Shield] + [Electric Imp Shield] + [Electric Imp].

And I wanna download a file (50kb ~ 80kb) to
the SD Card from http server using the Imp.

First, I thought that the Imp could be connected
to any http server but I couldn’t find any API.

And then, I found that [HTTP request] Impee,
but the planner node does not seemed to support large size input and output

How can I download a large size file from server to impee ?

Right now, you’d have to chunk it on the server side - eg into 8kB chunks. There’s currently no stream API to pull it bit-by-bit.

Thank you. Is there any example code or tutorial for downloading large file ?

Not that I’ve seen, no. It’s actually not that easy with the current API as the HTTP objects are unidirectional so you can’t easily specify which bit of the file you want to be sent next.

I’m sounding like a broken record, but agents make this easy…