DMX demo code

Did a little demo at a geek meetup last night of a basic webpage controlling a cheap dmx light with a kaylee supplied by the lovely makedeck

It is just a basic “click on the button for the color you want” page for my daughter to help her learn to read the words for different colors

It is nothing fancy just a cut and paste of various bits of code that has appeared on the forum

I will be (slowly) adding more functionality over time but though it’d be nice to share as whilst its simple it’s (relatively) easy to see how it works

The firmware it requires is in beta (30) so you will have to ask an imp’r to release it to your mac id

It’s also hard-coded to the rgb addresses of my particular light (2,3,4) and that 1 needs to be 100% so you would also need to tweak that as well as your agent’s URL


I’m sure I’ll get as much interest in the video as this forum post and git got :wink: but here you go !

Controlling a dmx led light with an electricimp

Excellent! You gotta put it out there, eventually it will inspire someone.

On trying it out she was initially impressed and then asked what happens if I mix x and y color?

So I guess its development is now going to be led by a 4yr old!

That’s a very imaginative question: she’ll go far!


Her mum’s a project manager, big asks without reference to the work involved come naturally :wink: