Did I brick my impee

End of a long day…
I hit build and send and I still had this stuff in there from the temp bug example…

/Sleep for 15 minutes and 1 second, minus the time past the 0:15 //so we wake up near each 15 minute mark (prevents drifting on slow DHCP) imp.onidle( function() { server.sleepfor(1 + WAKEINTERVAL_MIN*60 - (time() % (WAKEINTERVAL_MIN*60))); });

Now it spends all so much of its time sleeping and only wakes up for one cycle.
It never connects to the IDE long enough to build and run new code

Is there a way to do a hardware reset on it to clear it out? Ideas??

Darn it…

This should be fine; onidle() will wait for new code to download before triggering (ie before sleepfor kicks off). If new code is saved then it will pick it up on the next connect.

Also, on a cold boot - ie unplug card, wait 10 seconds for capacitors to discharge, plug in - the imp always takes up to 10 seconds to verify it has the latest code before running stored squirrel.

that worked thanks!