Device to Agent communication limitations?

I am sending a 77 character string from device to agent. I send several strings rapidly. After about 20 strings, the agent seems to be dropping some of the strings sent.
Any limitations to this ?

There’s no “back pressure” on the device; you may want to try a couple of approaches:

  1. Send the strings as an array of strings, so they go in a single message. You can send kilobytes no problem in a single message.


  1. Make the agent ACK (or ask for the next string) so it doesn’t backlog.

Thanks Hugo, I will use the ack messages.

How do i go about turning a string to and integer ‘2’ so 2+1 =3 the tointeger() function returns tointeger not found?

Just tried this and should do what you need

local _StringNo = “2”;
local _intNo = _StringNo.tointeger();
server.log("_intNo: “+ typeof _intNo +” value:"+ _intNo);