Device time stamps off?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noted any recent strangeness with time stamps in the log? I’ve noted this morning that they appear to be about an hour (well, more like 1:06 or so) behind actual time. Interestingly, I’m only seeing this for device (not agent) server.logs. Not a big deal to be sure … just curious as I don’t recall seeing this before.

Yes, I had several imps with that problem. It’s not that the times are off, the logs are just delayed by almost an hour.I also experienced big delays in uploading new device code.
It is kind of difficult as I am debugging a piece of code with strong interaction between device and agent so I need to see the two logs at the same time…

Ah, got it … thanks. (Sorry if that has perhaps been covered before).

This is being looked into, may be related to Erlang which some developer imps are running on now.

Can anyone give the impee IDs or mac addresses they are seeing this on?

Sure @Hugo … will PM you a couple of IDs. (Fyi, looks like the log is now up to approximately 90 minutes in arrears).

This should be fixed now. My apologies.

No worries Roger. Looks good on my side now … thanks.

All fixed on the devices that showed the behaviour.
What is Erlang ?

Erlang is a programming language. We are currently in the process of migrating some of our backend services to use Erlang rather than Node.js (another programming language) for a number of reasons.

You can read about it in this blog post.