Device running very slow

The device is running and the data in the log is correct but running very slow.
Is there another system problem.

Are both device and logs running slowly? or are you watching a delay in the logs but not in the device?

It seems as though the device is running slow as the normal time for the process running would be about 10 seconds. The log time line is showing the process is now taking about 2.5 minutes.

Also the process is communicating with an app in a smartphone and the app is timing out because the process is so slow.

We’re not seeing anything out of the ordinary over here… Could you please try running this code, and see how long PingPongs take:

I have run the ping pong and the log is shown below

2014-05-29 01:14:26 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(2730ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:29 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(714ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:34 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(179ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:39 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(178ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:44 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(183ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:49 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(179ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:54 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(179ms)
2014-05-29 01:14:59 UTC+1 [Device] PingPong(178ms)

Looks like about 5 seconds between lines.

I am suffering something simillar, not sure if its the same:

The imp-device is working at normal speed (1 measure second) but the logs are being received every 2-3 seconds.

When I try to rebuild or change the program it doesn´t do it instantly, it continues executing the program, (posting logs, not restarting or executing the new program) ,like they were already on a queue.

After a time working this way it disconnects and reconnects and keep working the same way

The results of Pingpong
2014-05-29 02:49:50 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(4346ms)
2014-05-29 02:49:53 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(2280ms)
2014-05-29 02:49:56 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(321ms)
2014-05-29 02:50:01 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(217ms)
2014-05-29 02:50:06 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(218ms)
2014-05-29 02:50:11 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(223ms)
2014-05-29 02:50:16 UTC+2 [Device] PingPong(219ms)

I am seeing similar delay problems. Code is taking too long to get loaded as well.

Yes, everything in the IDE is very sluggish at the moment for me

Can someone please do something about slow system as I have an important demonstration coming up and the project will not work with the system being as slow as it is.

second that. My device is running slow and I have a work-related project on it. Hope to have resolution soon.

If you are experiencing this issue right now could you please send me the device ID’s of the affected devices (through a PM).


I’m not sure what a PM is.
The device is
Device - 2330ca4dead3dbee

We’ve identified a problem with one of our developer servers which affects latency for server.log calls from the device.

We’ll be pushing a fix in the next few minutes.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to roll back the fix. My apologies.

If you are currently experiencing delays/latency in server.log calls, and you urgently need this resolved, we can move you to another developer server which isn’t experiencing the problem. Contact beardedinventor through a private message here on the forums.

We have resolved the issue - if you are still experiencing issues please let us know.