Device is blinking up this morning, but not running

Hmmm…I had the device running fine in my office yesterday, linked via the same MiFi router as today. However, today it reports being online, but does not get new code and seemingly does not run the code that’s on it.

The device # is: 20000c2a6906bc99

Issue seems to be cleared up, although when it came back online, it started running the previous code, not the newly built code.

Were you power cycling between attempts? Does the code connect/disconnect programmatically?

Yes, I was power cycling. I would see nothing occur in the IDE. What surprised me was the imp’s LED going through the blink-up steps, ending with the green light as it should. However, I was seeing nothing in the IDE.

Someone else has reported the logging window not updating today, though we’ve not been able to replicate that here. Did refreshing the browser help?

I observe the logging window not updating now and then. A refresh of the ide will address it. I’ve also observed a couple of instances recently where I’ve pushed down a new version of code to both the agent and device but only the agent has updated. The device continues to run the earlier code. Synchronising the updates is a tricky process, I imagine. At the very least, shouldn’t the agent wait until the device has updated?

Sorry for the delayed response - chores!

Refreshing the browser (ide) did not help. I agree that if you’re away from the ide for some time, it may need refreshed. However, that was not the case yesterday. The imp was not pushing per minute updates to the cloud service even though it had gone through the blink up process.