Device ID

On the device I am trying:

get the error:
ERROR: the index ‘getDeviceId’ does not exist

Any help, appreciated.

Is it a card imp (Imp001) or solder down module (Imp002) ?
Since its an impee-id, i suspect it comes from the ATSHA chip, which a Imp002 doesn’t have. but then again, they might have worked around that already.

It does only seem to work on the Imp card, and not on the module.

ERROR: the index ‘getDeviceId’ does not exist

Is that literally the error? Because it should be “getdeviceid”; Squirrel names are case-sensitive and all the built-in objects and methods are named in all-lower-case. The hardware.getdeviceid call should still work on IMP-002, and certainly shouldn’t throw an index-does-not-exist error.


This is a paste from a module log:

2013-12-01 16:04:22 UTC-5: [Device] ERROR: the index ‘getdeviceid’ does not exist

when trying to run:
It works fine in an Imp card:
2013-12-01 16:03:46 UTC-5: [Device] 234e90b236a7c9ee

What software versions? It used to be called hardware.getimpeeid().


Yep, that’s the problem. That module was still on 27.1 and still would need to use hardware.getimpeeid(). I noticed several of mine had updated and hadn’t checked through each one.

The rollout is proceeding slowly - just ensuring that there aren’t any problems before we upgrade more. This getdeviceid() was added in a late 27.x release.

hardware.getimpeeid works fine.
Thank you.