Device Automatically Go Hidden From The Active Model After Some Hour of Inactivity ! need help

I am working on a datalogger using “Plotly” . I uploaded an agent and device code from standard sample
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Every thing works fine when we upload code, but after some hour of powering off the imp, IDE shows the active model without any device attached( device automatically go hidden).

For restarting I have to select device in the model every time.( but as soon as I select device it automatically shows" agent running" ) ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X(

Just to check, @Raj, does the triangle to the left of the model name point right or down? If it’s pointing right, click it to reveal the device(s) assigned to that model.

PS. If you can see ‘agent running’, you can also see whether the device is online or offline. If the latter, check the log window at the bottom of the browser window for guidance.

The agent runs whether the device is online or not.

thanks for help … issue was of change in coding done by me :))