Deploying to the client

Hay Guys,
I have developed code on the ‘developers’ electric imp. All works well. Now I want to give it to a client. The issue is that:
-The client has their own wifi point, thus will need to blink up themselves.
-This means they will use their own electric imp app.
-If they use their own they will have their own login
-Which means the electric imp will not get my program on it.
-There is a further complication where their imp needs one other piece of info so that it fetches info specific to the client. (at the moment I store it in the agent specific to the card but will need it to come from blink up)

So, to get out of this issue, do I have to, develop my own iOS app, do I need to go down the blessing route already? any way to have a stop gap solution? We are still proving our product but part of it is giving it to clients with the setup process being part of the proof.

Thank you, your input is appreciated!

Oh, and where is the info for the stand alone BlinkUp SDK? Can’t find it anywhere!? =((

To the first part of your question John. You can go the route you suggest - have the client get an EI account, blink up their device, load code (which you would need to provide to them). An easier route however would be for you to just blink it up with their WiFi credentials (if they are comfortable sharing). Then you can still develop/deploy/monitor the device from your account. I’ve done this on a few occasions, and it works out very well, especially if you’re still in a product development phase.

To the latter part of your question - I believe you need to be a commercial EI customer to gain access to the BlinkUp SDK, then proceed down the route you mention (blessing devices, etc.). Actually, I find myself in pretty much the same boat as you at the moment, so will stay tuned to responses on this thread for how others handle this transition.

(For info on commercial development, I believe the past forum recommendations have been to contact for more detailed information).

  • Larry

@LarryJ is correct, @john1123: the SDK is currently made available only to commercial customers, and you might indeed like to drop a line for more information.

I suspect, however, that in your case, it’ll probably be easier to set your client up with their own developer imp(s) and account, and BlinkUp to that using the Electric Imp app. The blessing route is geared toward customers who want to ship thousands of device. You can set the developer account, software and hardware for your client, then hand over the account when it’s all set up and running.