Deep sleep wake followed by wifi outage

I’ve had a device running with out this problem for well over a year recently I started to get wifi outage after a deep sleep. The device wakes every hour and on pin1 via PIR. On occasions when woken from deep sleep I get wifi outage. The device is battery powered imp001 and hardware.voltage() is 2.692

Below it looks a it’s woken after an hr [05:52:29] followed by that standard 1min try to connect, failed so wait 9mins and try again which gives [06:02:35].

2014-03-28 04:52:29 UTC+0: [Agent] Event Mon: 3|2014-3-28T4:51:35|wake-from: sleep: 3600|16.3:0|0-0|2.692-2|1.2 2014-03-28 04:52:29 UTC+0: [Device] sleeping until 1395985949000 2014-03-28 04:52:29 UTC+0: [Status] Device disconnected; 180 bytes sent, 0 received, 180 total 2014-03-28 06:02:35 UTC+0: [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: wifi outage

Hmm, not much to say apart from yes, it looks like it tried to connect for a minute, failed to, slept, then managed to connect on the next wake.

2.7v is a little low - that’ll be the unloaded battery voltage, when the wifi current spikes you’ll almost certainly drop quite a bit lower, depending on your power setup.

What is your power setup?