DAC doesn't work?

Does DAC not work? If I set pin 2 then it says ERROR: no DAC on this pin. It compiles if I set pin5 but it does not output any voltage related to my setting. From the API I should be able to .write between 0 and 1 and have it measure between 0 to 3.3v but it always reads something like .18v which is probably an input. I tested digital output and it works as expected. Am I doing something wrong?

//DAC tst
ledState <- 0;

// Register with the server
imp.configure(“DAC TEST”, [], []);

You are correct, the DACs do not work in the current release. Also the documentation is wrong, DACs are available on pin1 and pin5. This is a firmware issue and we are looking into it now.

Shaun, the glitches in the documentation are fine - is it pin 1 and pin 2 - easy to figure out, the impmux table is correct. But the fact that we have to find critical failures like this ourselves is less than ideal.

Am I simply missing a link to “known issues” seciton? I looked through the release notes, but these, correctly, list the bugs that have been fixed by that release.
What I need is a list of bugs.

Big thanks for that info. Also, what is the status and expected release date for the DAC bug?


There’s a known issues page here, which is linked from the main page of the wiki.


…I added the DAC issue just now. I suspect it’s not going to make it into release-12, but should make release-13. Likely around the end of the year.

I’m sure you guys are busy with other stuff but DAC output should be trivial on a cortex m3. You just write the configuration register to set DAC mode then write the DAC value into the register. It’s probably 2 lines of code. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Yes, the fix was trivial (though less trivial is ensuring the automated test setup catches this for automated regression testing).

The fix will be in the next major release - along with a lot of other fixes and improvements - hence we didn’t just push it out alone.

Release-14, which will be pushed tomorrow, has this fix amongst other things :slight_smile: