Custom hardware design

I designed a simple breakout board for the IMP003 to give this interesting module a try but I have had questions about requirements, many of which have been answered (Thanks Hugo!). But I notice that in section 4 of the document “Designing Hardware with the imp003” the SPI flash is shown with the WP connected to GND via a 100 K resistor. This turns on write protect, which seems wrong. Shouldn’t the WP be pulled up to VDD?

Also, there is allusion to a pcb antenna design but I can’t find the detailed antenna dimensions, so I took a guess. Similarly, many of the illustrations seem to show a pi network for antenna tuning, surely there must be some recommended values for at least the terminal capacitor (1 - 5 pF, I would think). But I can’t find any of this antenna design info. Can anyone point to a link?

I am sure once I assemble my first board and try to do something with it I will have all kinds of other questions, but one I am wondering about now is if I build a board from scratch, can I just use the blink up with a blank SPI flash memory and program the board using the IDE, or do I somehow have to load some enabling software first like with the nRF51?

The /WP pin doesn’t enable protect unless the protection register enables it first, but yes IMO it shouldn’t be pulled low in most designs. has general guidelines and you should copy the antenna from these gerbers:

That design also has the required pi network details.

Yes, you just put a blank SPI on there. The imp will populate it on first powerup (takes a few seconds) then you can blink it up as normal.