COSM vimp missing PUTs?

It looks like the cosm vimp may be missing some PUT requests. The data being sent is an alternating sequence of 0,1. The server.log shows all the events received but when simultaneously monitoring the cosm debug log I notice missing requests. Below are the two logs: the cosm request times are UTC and the server log times are UTC-6. I’ve noted the missed requests as “not sent to cosm”

COSM Debug monitor (in reverse order of Electric Imp Server Log)

200 PUT /api/v2/feeds/datastreams/Motion.csv 30-01-2013 | 14:33:54 +0000 (Request Body = 1)
200 PUT /api/v2/feeds/datastreams/Motion.csv 30-01-2013 | 14:33:27 +0000 (1)
200 PUT /api/v2/feeds/datastreams/Motion.csv 30-01-2013 | 14:26:35 +0000 (0)
200 PUT /api/v2/feeds/datastreams/Motion.csv 30-01-2013 | 14:26:18 +0000 (0)
200 PUT /api/v2/feeds/datastreams/Motion.csv 30-01-2013 | 14:26:03 +0000 (1)

Electric Imp Server Log:
01/30/2013 08:26:03: 1
01/30/2013 08:26:18: 0
01/30/2013 08:26:22: 1 (not sent to cosm)
01/30/2013 08:26:35: 0
01/30/2013 08:33:26: 1
01/30/2013 08:33:39: 0 (not sent to cosm)
01/30/2013 08:33:53: 1
01/30/2013 08:34:07: 0 (not sent to cosm)

I haven’t watched this as closely as you but I have ‘felt’ at times that my cosm data was not reaching the charts.

I had thought COSM was missing the data due to it coming in too fast. My solution was to put a minimum of 20 seconds between data points. I don’t really have any facts about this but I reasoned I don’t need the data faster than that so I lost nothing by spacing the events apart. Generally my data points are about 10 minutes apart but occasionally I send two points in quick succession (but nothing less than 20 seconds apart).

@Mjkuwp94: I thought the same initially but then I saw data that’s <10 secs apart come through. I also checked with cosm and they said only if two data points had the exact same timestamp one would be missed. Looking at the cosm debug monitor live as events came through is what led me to think that vimp was not sending those requests

Do you see any result codes apart from 200 in the cosm block on the planner?

We have seen cosm discard data that arrives too quickly. I can’t remember what the threshold was, but it definitely doesn’t like being hammered.

All the responses I saw were 200 in the cosm planner node even when the PUT didn’t show up in cosm’s debug window. It seems to happen even when data is not sent too quickly. I’ll check the logs again to find an example.