COSM not logging data


So I am collecting data. I have a SHOWINPUT that I map the data to,and it looks correct. I also have it feed to a COSM module. I use the feed name ‘Outdoor Automation’ and datastream ‘Humidity’. It shows a 400 so something is wrong.

The key has all access
the feed maps to title on cosm
the datastream maps to datastream

the only thing i can think that might be incorrect is the name of the feed - is that the same as the title or something else? and i noticed that your feed stopped working - did some api change and break the system or did you turn off your temp sensor?


ok figured it out. i didnt find this anywhere in the imp docs, nor the cosm docs, but it appears that the feed maps to the number in the url when you are on cosm looking at the feed. or was this documented someplace and i totally missed it?

Please give a concrete example, All i get is 404 or 400

Feed is 86640 or
what is a datastream? a number a name/ what?

A datastream is a component of a feed; a feed may have multiple components.

For example our office is here:

… it has a light reading, a temperature derived from the air pressure sensor, the air pressure, humidity, air pressure and a better temperature sensor all as separate datastreams as part of the “office nora” feed.

Yeah, the feed is 86640, and the datastream is the text (used to be a number) used to describe the data. So I have setup with ‘Humidity’, ‘Rain’, ‘Temperature’… just make sure the text is the same.

OK the secret is use the same NUMBER for both the FEED and datastream, in this case 86640.

@sobelinni no, you can have multiple arbitrary datastreems for a given feed. You just need to setup the datastreams on cosm as well.