Correlation between MAC and IP address

every imp have it’s MAC address. API give some https:// address.
Is there some correlation between impee MAC address and Device external URL?

no, I think it’s the impee ID, because you can swap Imps but the URL stays the same

@DolfTraanberg , seems so.
That is a problem for 10’s of installations - register Atmel IC and impee first, find out URL and then make some list containing piece of equipment and URL.
May be there is an other option ( I don’t know) or some kind of plug-n-play version will be later.

Don’t understand what you try to accomplish, but for remote control, you can have the URL send to you by e-mail, including MAC and impee ID (and even IP-address…)

It’s a bigger project coming out in the beginning of July - there will be 92 impees connected via 4 WLAN’s and synchronised via specially designed land line.
Everything in the beginning is undefined - 92 pieces of equal equipment and code, controlled under some scenario. During equipment “production” I must plug-in April boards and impees. As I understand, after plugging-in I must do all registration procedures, assign number for each piece of equipment and write down corresponding URL. URL’s must be coded in to control software.
Control software and synch line allow to fulfil mentioned equipment control scenario.
It is possible to do during some hours ( I hope not days), but may be there is more advanced way to do that.

maybe I still don’t understand, but with an automated e-mail handling system, you can have your registration procedure automated as well.

@DolfTraanberg can you a bit explain this e-mail system? Do I need to register somewhere?

for the imp there are several solutions.
for your administrative system, maybe i’m not the right person, because I have done this more than 15 years ago and I suppose there are more “modern” ways to do this.
What I used was Macro Express to parse e-mails.

@DolfTraanberg , Thanks! I’ll try to get some more info a bit later - currently I have a lot of things to do with all electro-mechanical installation, testing and so on…