Control Z-Wave?

This isn’t imp specific, but I figured people that would be playing with imp, might have some ideas. I was thinking about getting some z-wave devices and thought it would be cool if there was some way for my imp to send commands to z-wave devices. I can’t for the life of me find anything like this. Everything seem like completion solutions (full remote controls, full automation systems, etc). Any ideas? Or is z-wave proprietary and I am SOL?

You should be able to use a gateway; not looked at the software side but this:

…bridges RS232 to Z-wave. Presumably you could build a serial buffer (to take the 3v3 UART on the imp to RS232 levels, eg using a MAX3232 chip or off the shelf buffer) and then talk to the gateway.

…but following another google link, it seems that the protocol isn’t public.

So possibly SOL :frowning:

Bummer. My goal was to automate a door-lock so I could lock/unlock without a key (lock when our alarm turns on, for instance). Many of the electronic locks (residential) use z-wave (although they are stupid expensive for what they do).

I guess I will have to do it the hard way and control the motors myself (I haven’t purchased a lock yet) of an electronic lock/deadbolt. Or maybe I can use an electronic strike (controlled by imp) and unlock that way.

The TechCrunch hackathon winner used a hannah board and a servo to do this :slight_smile:

Leviton makes a Z-Wave Plugin RS232 Serial ASCII Interface Module VRC0P-1LW. The newest version is specified to support Z-Wave locks and beaming.

I guess I need to read more details, I am not totally convinced that these cannot be used without some other (Leviton?) system/setup.

In particular, the note:

“NotE: This product requires the use of third
party software to function, along with a relatively high level of programming skill.”

What 3rd party software is required? Do they mean the code thatI am writing is the 3rd party software, or there is some other required 3rd party software…

Ok, looks as if I use the Mi Casa Vede VeraLite (actually, don’t know what the “lite” cannot do), I can use it completely for my automation (what is the fun in that), or I can create plugins that can trigger things on http inputs (sort of like an imp). One site has it for $100 (although that is cheapest by far), so that might be an option to connect into this whole z-wave business, but of course, an imp isn’t necessary here…We need IMP enabled door locks!!!

Ok, there are open source drivers, too much to run on an IMP though:

Yeah, that’s an entire network stack… :frowning:

As for imp enabled door locks… stay tuned :slight_smile:


Very cool, congrats guys!