Connects to server (green flash), then flashes red, then repeats?

Hi all,
I just got an imp001 and the April board and used my Samsung Notes2 Android phone to Blinkup, but I see the above pattern repeating.
The Troubleshooting doc says that “This is usually the symptom of a run-time error in the imp’s Squirrel code. An error message will be logged in the IDE when this happens.” However I do not see any logs on the IDE.
How do I fix? I tried reconnincting, re-BlinkUp’ing and does not seem to help.
IS there a way to Reset the device to factory (initial settings) and try again?
Any help appreciated!

  • Raju

You have to click on a device name (16 hex digits by default) in the left hand sidebar of the IDE before the ‘Device Logs’ pane appears beneath the code panes.

If you have written any squirrel into the IDE, try replacing it with just server.log(“hello”) then click ‘Build and Run’ to see whether that improves things.

Thanks for your response.
Actually, clicking on the device name (with the 16 hex digits) does not do anything - it says "Nothing to see yet! Click on a Device to start editing"
Only thing that I can do is to Delete the Device or associate with a Model.
I created a Model, and build the code with server.log(“hello”) and associated with the device.
Since I cannot choose the device screen I cannot Run it
Looks like the problem is that the device appears in the IDE but is not registered correctly to be able to do anything with it.
Any clues? Thanks!

  • Raju

Got a mac address so we can look in logs? It could well be trying to update firmware and failing if it’s a very old device being used with a wifi router that has a dubious DNS relay.

Hi Hugo,
Mac address of my imp is 0c2a690044d5.
The deviceID is 237095b930728cee
Hope you can look it up - Thanks.

I think we’ve identified the likely cause of this issue, should be addressed later today. Please try again in a few hours?

Still does not work, Hugo
I am assuming that I am supposed to BlinkUp again.
I went to IDE, deleted the device - then try to BlinkUp with my Android again.
The device shows up in the IDE, and the imp flashes Green for about 10 secs and then goes dead (no LEDs)
I cannot do anything to the Device in IDE, other than delete it.
Anything else i could try?

  • Raju

Still waiting for any ideas, guys.
Please help :slight_smile:

No, you do not need to blink-up again. As long as it has valid wifi credentials (ie, you’ve seen a green LED) then it’s fine.

As far as I can see, your imp is upgraded and happy in the IDE. It was last online at 2014-09-23T04:58:51 UTC and was happily online for about half an hour.

The imp’s LED will only flash for 60 seconds then turn off to save power. Sounds like it’s showing up in the IDE too. What’s the actual problem here?

Sorry for the delay in responding.
Yes - the upgrade did indeed help. The device is working now!!
Thanks for your help!