Connects to cloud but disconnects

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your previous help! :wink: I’ve got my new Imp blinked up and its connected to the wifi network, but I’m stuck in a loop of it trying to connect, several slow green flashes, followed by being disconnected, fast red flashes.

I’ve taken a tcpdump on the outbound port of my firewall, (pfsense 2.0.2), and I can see it connecting, transferring some data and disconnecting. Unfortunately I can’t decode the data, I assume its TLS encoded. Looking at this Thread, I don’t think I’m seeing the >576 MSS issue. Incoming data lengths never seem to exceed 576 bytes.

It seems that every other connection request to the cloud results in a RST after the SYN, SYN/ACK. But then the next one goes through smoothly. I’ve attached the pcap file ( The trace is short, but I can grab another one from startup for however you you need.

Network Config is Linksys E1000 Wi-Fi access point -> Gigabit Switch -> Mini PC running pfsense 2.0.2 Firewall -> 100Mbit Fiber ISP

Cheers, Mark.

So, the reason your imp is connecting/disconnecting is that it’s not reading a valid ATSHA ID - so the server is kicking it off. This is with a new April board, right?

Not sure about the alternate connects failing but it could be the old version of SW it’s running (Aug 2012). Once it has a good atsha, it’ll be happier and update itself.

btw, the MSS issue was fixed server-side.