Connecting inputs to imp

I just got my imp, and hooked it up to my garage door as others have to control it.

I want to know the state of the door. Others have hooked in their own limit switches.

I was going to do that when I looked at my garage door and noticed that it already has travel limit switches built in that show if the door is open or closed.

I’m not a hardware guy, so I don’t know how to hook these existing switches up.

The switches are made by Cherry, and on them they say
15A 125 or 250 VAC
3/4 HP 125 VAC

They have wires connected to the NO contact and COM contact.

Is there are way I can hook these up to my imp to read their states?


I tried this first, and didn’t have any success. I’m not sure what the opener system is using. I glued switches directly over top of the others so they would be switched by the arms as well and wired those.

Most garage doors utilize 120VAC on their switches which will not work with the IMP. You would have to install an interposing relay between the switch and the IMP.

Thanks jwehr!

That was my next thought to piggy my own on top.

Any particular kind of switch you used?
Something available from my local radio shack perhaps?

120VAC on the position switches? Are you sure? Mine does not, but it is an older unit. You could also use a magnetic sensor, if you can find a good place to mount it. There was a kickstarter that was going to do it this way. I like two sensors, so that you know if it is fully up or down.