Connecting Electric Imp to ThingSpeak IoT Data Services

We have created an official tutorial for connecting the Electric Imp to ThingSpeak IoT Data Services.

Electric Imp and ThingSpeak Tutorial

We also added code to our GitHub for the device and agent.

Electric Imp to ThingSpeak GitHub Repo

Please let us know if you build any projects with this code. We have noticed a bunch of Electric Imps hitting our API.

A special thanks to “evilmachina” for posting the first Electric Imp + ThingSpeak projects!

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    When I first tried this code I did initially get a response code of “0” and it wasn’t working. I found out this was because I was using the API key in my account settings area of Thingspeak instead of the API key for my specific channel. It was a simple mistake, but I thought I would share with others anyway.
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@thingspeak thank you for posting this tutorial. I’m up and running and trying your service. It was easy! I will let you know what I think after a little testing.

Thanks again!

I want to update multiple field in a channel using thingspeak with imp, but I fail to do so. Any idea of it?